We don't host the content files.

So you should upload your media like images, pdf etc on your own hosting or on cloud storage like OneDrive, DropBox, Box. 

Here is an example of adding image and pdf in a web view.

Adding image

First upload your image in preferably public folder.

Than, click on image details and embed the image

Than copy the image link, you can also change image size.

In Mobidonia, inside the webview add the image

Save it. For source feed, use "From Content"

That is all. 

Adding pdf

Upload your pdf in public folder, and click on it to embed

Copy the generated HTML Code

In Mobidonia, in the web view in the "Source" tab add the copied HTML embed script 

Important: in the <iframe code for width and height use 100%

width="100%" height="100%"