Firebase has Strings, Numbers and Bool

And the bool is making problem since it is in direct connection with the local code. 

You will need to define ex your radio button as string ex 


Now, we need to modify our fields, so if the firebase data is true as bool, to be converted to "true" as string. Same for false. 

In "src/components/fields/Fields.js" around line 150 replace the return statement there, with this code

//Firebase has Numbers, String, Boolen
//The boolean is making problem, so we will convert to string
var rawValue=this.props.value===true?"true":(this.props.value===false?"false":this.props.value);
//Now produce the element
return <Element parentKey={this.props.parentKey} options={options} updateAction={this.props.updateAction} class={elementClass} theKey={this.props.theKey} value={rawValue} />

Now in "src/containers/Firebase.js" around line 515 in the start of the function updateAction add the folowing code that will transform the bool into string. 

//To handle boolean values